Daily brushing and flossing reminders

All dentists recommend that their patients brush at least twice and floss once a day. Sadly not many patients heed that advice. Not because they don’t want to but in the daily rush of life we all forget to do those small things that make a huge difference in the long term.

After interviewing a few dentists we learned that some patients would love to receive daily reminders to brush and floss. Patients believe these reminders can motivate them to take better care of their teeth.

There are some business benefits for the dentist too:

  • Patients get to see your name through these reminders every day. Show patients that you care enough to go this extra mile. Great way to build your brand.
  • Patients who get into the habit of taking good dental care also visit their dentist more often for preventive care/cleanings, etc.

MyDentalAlerts is a simple, easy to use and effective service that delivers such reminders to patients on their mobile phone. Try it for free for 30 days.

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